About Claire Robertson


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Claire K. Robertson brings over 30 years of education experience:

  • Certified New Teacher Center Mentor and Certified Pathwise Instructor
  • New Teacher Induction Leader for two school districts
  • Mentored first and second year teachers, grades 4 – 12, in varied curricula at 8 high schools, 10 middle schools, and 4 elementary schools (22 of 88 District campuses representing highly diverse cultures)
  • Served on a panel as the mentor representative at the Brock International Prize in Education ceremony
  • Represented the Tulsa Public Schools mentoring program by being highlighted in New Teachers Center annual report and in The Tulsa World’s front page story on the program’s effectiveness
  • Published in Education Week Teacher
  • Published in The Tulsa World
  • Classroom teacher grades 6th – 12th in private, public and parochial schools for 26 years
  • Taught traditional, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses
  • District Language Arts Department Chair
  • Trained and participated with Roger Taylor in the writing of curricula for the honors and gifted and talented program for Edmond Public Schools.


University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK
Bachelor of Science in Education


Claire has provided consultative services for a number of education professionals in the Oklahoma area. Here are what a few of them have to say!

“Claire has excellent presenter skills and quickly builds community with her audience.  A key strength is her earnest engagement, insightful questioning and her ability to listen for the needs of teachers and turn those needs into opportunities for reflective practice and growth.”

Dr. Jane Barnes
Director of Professional Development (2008-2014)
Tulsa Public Schools

“Claire is an engaging, confident presenter who connects with the audience with ease. She prepares the content of the presentation to ensure the participants’ thinking is pushed around the subject matter, but is flexible enough to meet their needs by listening during discussions and being responsive during Q&A.”

Sharon Grady
Senior Program Director
New Teacher Center

“Claire is such a valuable colleague. She has an incredible ability to see the big vision of a program and maintain its integrity down to the fine details. She is both a leader and a support to the people with whom she works.”

Melissa Ihde
Lead New Teacher Mentor
Tulsa Public Schools

“Claire is the epitome of a professional colleague as she works hard to build meaningful relationships with everyone she works alongside. She works to meet the needs of her teachers, staff and students. Claire understands the needs of classroom teachers and the students they teach through her extensive experience in teaching, leadership and mentoring. She values the uniqueness of every student and helps teachers to use these unique traits to make education relevant! Claire is also an experienced trainer who knows her training content and can lead in-depth discussions during her training.”

Megan Wright
New Teacher Mentor
Tulsa Public Schools

“I had the pleasure of working with Claire my first two years of teaching. She served as my Teacher Mentor/Coach in the Tulsa Public Schools as I taught middle school English. It was evident from day one that her priority was to develop quality educators to effectively teach the modern student. The feedback that was given ranged from techniques on classroom management to instructional effectiveness. Her advice and guidance were straightforward yet professional and polite. Claire’s critiques helped me create a positive learning environment for my students to learn and grow into scholars prepared for high school and beyond. Above all, I cherish the professional relationship that grew out of the mentorship. I’m truly grateful for the guidance Claire Robertson has given me to navigate through teaching in the public school system.”

Isaiah Weaver
Tulsa Public Schools

“Claire was a life-saver my first two years of teaching. She provided the experience, knowledge, and support I needed to become the teacher I am today.”

Amanda Trower
Tulsa Public Schools

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